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For the past 5 or 6 years, I’ve spent my New Year’s eve na nagtatrabaho. I remember pa nung 2013 new year’s eve, naabutan ako ng 2014 na naglalakad sa overpass ng Ortigas intersection papuntang work. Mangiyak-ngiyak ako. #BayaningPuyat

After nun I promised to myself na I would always celebrate New Year with my family. Kesehodang i-declare pa nila na critical working day yun or not.

Last New Year, I vaguely remember our handa. This new year’s eve though I thought of contributing to our handa. And I’m a little bit excited because I would shop the ingredients and would prepare these myself.

I’m not a good cook and I only know how to cook theoretically. One thing I can do and proud of is how to make a fruit salad or FROWT SALAD as what I call it. So, without much further ado, here is the list of what I would prepare (not the actual pictures na lulutuin ko – courtesy of Google lang ang mga pictures).

1. Dynamite – this could be a great hors d’oeuvre. It is appetizing and dangerously satisfying. I was thinking of having ground beef with cheese as fillings. It’s easy to do and hopefully hindi matalsik sa oil.



2. Chicken in coconut milk with pineapple – chicken based dishes are my personal fave – from fried to adobo to menudo to tinola. I’ve particularly like my Aunt’s recipe and have been picky with other people’s version of this. I know I won’t be able to replicate my Aunt’s version of this so I’ll make my own version – Princess version no less.


3. Grilled shrimp kebab – shrimp is my ultimate favorite seafood ever! I could eat a kilo (maybe more) of these succulent sea creatures. Habang bata pa at hindi pa bawal, kain lang ng kain. I’m one of those na lucky na walang allergy sa seafood (sorry to my brother). For the kebab, I’ll just have these ingredients – shrimp, pineapple, bell pepper, white onion and chorizo bilbao. Sana masarap yung combination.


4. Pork humba – this pork dish is one of my top three fave pork dishes (the other two are adobo and sisig). I’ve had this the first time nung nasa grade school pa ata ako. I thought pa nga na pagkain sya ng aso kasi it doesn’t look appetizing lalo na at nakita ko lang sya sa pot na pinaglutuan sa kanya. May mga residue sa gilid ng pot and may parang something na yucky (banana flower pala) but when Papa told me that it’s humba and it’s masarap daw so I tried it – BOOM! An explosion of flavor. It’s easy to cook pero dapat matagal para super lambot yung meat and mas maganda kapag sa uling daw sya lutuin instead of cooking it sa pressure cooker or sa stove.


6. Valenciana – I may need assistance from Mama in preparing this since specialty nya naman to and I don’t want to mess this up. This rice dish is what I often request every occasion – birthday, undas, christmas, new year. I think parang paella rin lang sya pero from where I’m from (Bacolod City) this is known as valenciana. Mas maraming atay, mas masarap and dapat maganda yung quality ng raisins. I’ve had valenciana na yung sa palengke lang yung raisins nabibili and it gave it a peculiar taste na hindi masarap.


7. Fruit Salad – this is my specialty! Haha! I love fresh fruits so naturally I know what goes well with each other (feeling expert) hahah!! I know that minsan grapes give a bitter taste kaya I avoid to include it sa FROWT SALAD ko. Basta these are the essential fruits – apple, pear, melon and pineapple. Second essential fruits – mango, cherry (para may color – I put nata pero dapat white kasi kapag red nata nagiging pink yung salad, ayoko nun), lychee and kiwi. Optional fruits, pede naman silang isangkap kaso di ko nagustuhan – orange (mahirap syang i-slice), watermelon (matabang sya and watery, naging masabaw yung salad), grapes (pumapait nga) and papaya (my tummy don’t agree with this fruit, hahah!) Syempre dapat may cheese, pede ding lagyan ng corn kernels or celery for texture.


Yan lang. LOL.

I intentionally didn’t include any pasta dishes kasi we had that na nung Christmas and parang nakakaumay naman tsaka hindi nakukuha ni Mama yung gusto kong pasta. Di naman ako marunong magluto nun. I tried researching for seafood pasta recipes then I remembered na may allergy dun brother ko, baka di nya lang ma-enjoy.

It’s simple lang and not bongga, anyway what’s important is we’re together. I’ve attended festive and over-the-top New Year’s Eve corporate parties and I didn’t enjoy them kasi hindi ko naman kasama family ko. It’s an affirmation that no matter how much you have kung ikaw lang naman mag-isa, wala rin.

Happy new year everyone!! 🙂



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