Princess’ Movie Review: The Boy (No Spoilers)

[Disclaimer: I thought of having a different way of reviewing movies I’ve seen because I am not a legit film critic or knowledgeable of the technical aspects of creating a movie. What I know is that I love watching films and that I know if a film is good or not. Anyway, this is going to be based on MY impression of the movie.]

Greta (Lauren Cohan), running away from a dark past, accepts a nanny job in a far-flung English mansion. The couple who hired her is going away for a holiday and trusted her to take care of their life-sized ceramic doll that they treat as their child who died from a fire 20 years ago. Greta thought it funny and peculiar but took the job nevertheless. Alone in the big mansion with the doll, scary and unexplainable occurrences happened that made her believed the doll is possessed by the couple’s dead kid. Her and Malcom (Rupert Evans), the cute delivery guy, accepted that fact and made peace with it until Greta’s abusive ex-boyfriend showed up on the mansion and after a heated argument, an unpredictable truth was revealed.


  • The twist – I’m a huge horror movie buff and the twist on this movie is something that I didn’t expect to happen.
  • Actors – surprisingly both Lauren and Rupert deliver believable acting, not too over the top for my taste.
  • Plot – it’s something that I haven’t read nor seen before. I learned not to take horror movies superficially (Asian horror movies are so good at plot twists) so I kept on thinking of possible twist while watching the film and boy, I was surprised when it was finally revealed.


  • Suspense – I expected to have a lot of scary moments, more unexplainable stuff and Greta to be tormented more by the “haunting” but it fell short on that.
  • Reactions – I didn’t like how Greta and Malcolm react when they learned that the doll was possessed.
  • Cliché – there are some moments that I find too cheesy and worn out.
  • Plot holes – I don’t know how to put this without spoiling the movie. :p

Over all impression:

  • It’s not a movie that I would recommend my friends to watch but it’s a movie that I thought was worth my time and my money. Would I watch it again in theaters? No. It’s not painfully bad but it’s not that good too.
  • Two out of five tiaras.



















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