Princess turned 28!

The Bible refers to cyclical events in seven years… seven years of plenty or seven years of famine..

January 31, 2016 is my 28th birthday and the start of my fifth cyclical event… whether it’s going to be years of plenty or years of famine is totally up to me.

The past 28 years, I have to say, has been very eventful. *insert laughing smiley here* I’ve accomplished a lot; failed many times; been heartbroken; gained love; kept secrets; lost and found friendships; loved ones passed away; new ones came.

I am grateful for the support I had from my friends and family… happy for the respect I earned from my siblings… honored to have inspired some… and privileged to enjoy my journey (as cliche as it sounds).

When I was still a teenager I kept a journal addressed to my future self. It was sort of a time capsule also that I would only read in 2015 (When I turned 27), in it I poured my goals, dreams, aspirations and was really hoping that by reaching 27, I should have accomplished everything. I was even thinking then that I would retire at the age of 40 and would end my life. I was and I am not suicidal, hahaha! I was just scared of growing old then, thought that I would be alone and that it would make me “panget” when I grow old – sorry, I was very shallow then, had lots of insecurities. How I would end up my life is not through suicide but by doing dangerous and extreme activities that would “accidentally” kill me. That was how I thought of leaving the world. So morbid.

Anyway, going back to my journal I had my timeline planned out but now at 28 – I realized that I haven’t accomplished even a quarter of it but surprisingly I felt contented and accomplished. I would often think how lucky my other friends are for living their lives without thinking about supporting their family but for me, that’s where I find contentment and happiness. Even though my father has a job and can support Mom, I still prefer them to be with me because being single, I find it fulfilling to see to it that my Mom is comfortable. Now, I have my nephews. 🙂

Spending my life with someone has never crossed my ind. Yes, I’ve dated but I don’t really see myself growing old with someone. I don’t know – it just doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe, single hood is what I would always be happy with my cats. Crazy old cat lady in the making.


Goals I have for myself now that I’m 28.

  • Start saving – this has been my goal since I graduated in college but I never kept it for so long. Urgh!
  • Invest – I was actually looking into investing in stocks. I have to do more research though.
  • Get life insurance – just crossed my mind but I’m not really considering it seriously. Maybe when I turned 30. :p
  • Travel more – yes please!!!
  • Spend more quality time with my mom and my nephews.
  • Expect less – for me not to get disappointed. 🙂
  • Be happy!!



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