My Fave Authors

I’ve always loved to read ever since. I remember that I would always read out loud the signage and what not along the streets – from vulcanizing shops to whatever is for sale to campaign materials to vandalized walls. I enjoy reading. I love books.

As any other bookworm, story books and comics appealed to me with it’s colorful illustrations; then I moved on to Reader’s Digest and other magazines I can grab on; then I remember trying to attempt to read a novel which to me was boring and too advanced for my age – the novel was Lawrence Sander’s The First Deadly Sin.

I never finished it and I thought that I would never finish a novel. I even wondered how come grown ups find the time to read an inch (or two) thick of book which is ALL WORDS and NO PICTURES?

Then during high school, I saw our college neighbor devouring a novel and she highly recommended that I should read that same book when she’s done. It was the very first novel I finished reading and I felt proud and accomplished and realized that I can finish a book without pictures! The book was Sidney Sheldon’s Nothing Lasts Forever.

It was the turning point for me. I fell in love with Sidney Sheldon’s storytelling and became obsessed with him. However, his books were very rare from where I came from. Our public library don’t have novels and I can only borrow from that college friend and even she told me that Sheldon’s books are always checked out. She then introduced me to Daniel Steel. Remembrance was the first novel I read which was authored by Steel. It was a good book but I didn’t like how she kills the protagonist and later on found out that she has a penchant for doing that to her main characters.

Fast forward to college, I was one of the students who always checks out the maximum allowable number of books and did that every month. At this time, I have read all of Sheldon’s books – my all time favorite is If Tomorrow Comes (read this many times already).

Then I indulged myself on some other authors that surprisingly were good and didn’t even know that these were classics or bestsellers.

Because of this adventurous streak to try other authors, I have loved them. Robert Fulghum and Mitch Albom were also great authors. I would always scour second hand book shops for their books and almost always find a book or two authored by them.

One time, out of impulse I grabbed a book which at first didn’t appeal to me when I read it and didn’t even finish it until I saw my mother crying while reading it. I tried to reread the said book and found myself crying too. I became an instant fan of LaVyrle Spencer and that book was Family Blessings.

Then one time while cleaning my boarding house’s closet, I found piles of books, half of them eaten by termites and the other half – decrepit and looked very old. My roommate grabbed Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park first and I end up with a worn out, dusty novel. Upon reading the first page of the book, I never get to finish my cleaning. It was Jackie Collins’ Rockstar. I fell in love with her then and there.

After that several authors made it to my most fave list – Dan Brown through his The Da Vinci Code novel and Mary Higgins Clark with her Sheldon’ish writing style and Iris Johansen to Amy Tan.

My book shelves now have books from these authors along with J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and one of her Robert Galbraith novels.

Here are my thoughts on each of the authors mentioned above:

  • Sidney Sheldon – he will always be my fave author. His storytelling is superb and his books are “unputdownable”. He would take you to exotic places, let you taste culinary masterpieces and share with you different cultures. He’s good with twists and empowers strong women characters.
    • Fave books – almost all of his books but what stood out to me were If Tomorrow Comes, Master of the Game, Doomsday and Tell Me Your Dreams (which I finished reading overnight).
  • Danielle Steel – as mentioned above, she likes to shock you by killing her or one of the main characters but her storytelling is something that will keep you glued on her books page after page.
    • Fave books – Remembrance and Sisters.
  • Robert Fulghum – he may not be a novelist but his books were full of wisdom. stories you would reflect upon and would make you step back and think.
    • Fave books: All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten and Uh-Oh!.
  • Mitch Albom – he’s poignant and would make you shed a tear.
    • Fave books: Tuesdays with Morrie and For One More Day.
  • Dan Brown – I like how he researched his books based on facts(?) and injecting that on his fiction novels.
    • Fave books: Deception Point, The Da Vinci Code and Digital Fortress.
  • Amy Tan – her rich in Chinese culture novels coupled with true to life characters are on point!
    • Fave book: The Secret Hundred Senses (though her The Joy Luck Club is also good).
  • LaVyrle Spencer – the emotions on her books were real and well-written. Her characters were lovable and likable. The way she writes her novels would pierce me right through the heart. One thing why I love female authors more than male authors is that they describe human emotions really well.
    • Fave books: Morning Glory and That Camden Summer.
  • Iris Johansen – just like Spencer, the way she writes human emotions are real. I also like how strong her women characters are just like Sheldon’s. Though her novels are a bit formulaic.
    • Fave books: The Ugly Duckling and her Eve series (though I haven’t read all of it yet).
  • Mary Higgins Clark – I am currently obsessed with her. I bought, on impulse, ten of her books from a secondhand book shop and have been reading book after book after book. Some of her books were predictable but most of it would really surprise you. I thought at first that she has a formula in writing a suspense novel but after five or six books now, I realized that she doesn’t follow a formula. She’s indeed the queen of suspense.
    • Fave books: I can’t really say as of yet but I just finished her We’ll Meet Again and Before I say Goodbye.
  • Jackie Collins – again I love strong women characters and Collins’ Lucky Santangelo is just that. I also love how she tells stories about Hollywood glamor and what’s happening behind the scenes.
    • Fave books: Rockstar, Lucky Santangelo series and Hollywood Wives.

I am now trying out a new author Debbie Macomber and I thought that her and Spencer may be similar in writing style. I would also like to try John Grisham and Stephen King but their books are a little bit pricey for a secondhand book shop. LoL!



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