Princess’ Movie Review: The Revenant

I’ve only become a Leo fan recently and probably I’m one of those who became really frustrated when he didn’t win any Oscars. When I heard that The Revenant is another “Oscar deserving” movie, boy, I was really excited!!



Glass (the great Leo), was left dead by one of his men, played by Tom Hardy, after being mauled by a not-so-cute bear. After he recuperated (almost) and survived many ordeals, which no ordinary person can survive from, he went after Tom Hardy’s character for revenge.


  • Cinematography – I never thought that a serene and a magical landscape blanketed by prestine and pure snow with unbelievably wonderful  arboreal scenes can be a setting for deadly and gore-filled fight scenes.
  • CGI – the bear!! Enough said.
  • Actors – of course, there’s the great Leo with hot Hardy and that guy who got to kiss Jennifer Aniston in We’re The Millers – he was pretty good too.
  • Camera works – i loved it!! How it zoom in and out, how it made me feel the tension of the scenes, how it manage to capture the actors’ emotions. I love it!
  • Make up and prosthetics – ugh!! I cringed! No wonder why some audiences wasn’t able to finish the movie. Kudos!
  • Plot – it was not hard to understand. It was laid out meticulously so as not to divert the audience’s attention by figuring out what’s going on from what’s actually happening on the screen.
  • Execution – the director, Alejandro G. Iñárritu, should he win the Best Director in Oscars won’t surprise me.



  • Costumes – I don’t really dislike them but I don’t like them either. Maybe they’re made that way not to distract the audience.
  • Dialogue – the accents of some actors are a little bit inconsistent but maybe because in the movie they came from different states? I don’t know…


Over All Impression:

Devoid of cheesy scenes, The Revenant is a “no bathroom break moment” film. It will keep you glued on the edge of your seat with its well-executed climaxes, which is from start to finish, and would make you peek between your fingers over the suspenseful and “gore-filled” scenes. It has a perfect balance between amazing and beautiful scenery, and blood-curling, teeth-wrenching gore.

DiCaprio and Hardy didn’t play their character but became THEIR character. DiCaprio’s acting is not as calculated as it was before, delivering impeccable performance especially through his eyes. Hardy, on the other hand, is unmistakably one of Hollywood’s most versatile character actors.

I would love to see it again! With my friends this time. I would surely recommend it to them. A must watch – if you’re brave enough. :p
Four and a half tiaras out of five.


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