Princess’ Movie Review: Deadpool

Honestly, I have no idea that there’s a comic book superhero (?) named Deadpool. I grew up knowing the popular X-Men, Avengers and basically those who are more commercialized, I guess. The first time I knew about Deadpool was through Wolverine’s Origin movie and he was just a secondary, ugly character there – not worth a second look… until a hype was built about his solo movie and BAM! I became an instant fan.



Wade Wilson, a mercenary/hired assassin(?), was diagnosed with cancer right after getting engaged to her hot girlfriend. He then accepted the offer of a creepy looking recruitment agent who might have been one of the Men in Black. Little did the merc with a mouth know that he will only be used as a subject for an underground experiment ran by the British villain – Ajax.

The experiment was both a success and a disaster. That’s where Wade, now known as (Captain) Deadpool, began his search for the person who he think can undo the “disaster” and maybe avenge himself.


  • Humor – before watching the film, I did a little research about Deadpool and found out that he’s an unconventional character and one of the very few comic superhero to break the fourth wall. This has been the running gag on the film aside from his “mouth” of course.
  • Action Scenes – it didn’t disappoint like most of the Marvel movies when it comes to action-packed, jump-on-your-seat, grin-like-a-chimp action sequences. Not overdoing it but not lacking too.
  • Pop references – fat Gandalf, Green Lantern card, ugly-Deadpool-from-Wolverines-film action figure and a lot more!!
  • Plot – the Deadpool origin story was close to the comics and the whole storyline is not heavy or dark.


  • Secondary characters – not as well-sketched as I hope they would be.

I can’t think of anything else!! Wow!

Over-all impression:

It’s not a typical Valentines Movie due to the tad bit gory fight scenes but it can be – thanks to the steamy and funny sex scenes. Hahah!! But there’s more to it though, it’s basically a love story – a guy doing everything for his girl. And accepting someone not on physical appearance but on what’s inside.

(Cue Careless Whisper)

3 tiaras out of 5.


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