Princess’ Movie Review: How To Be Single

Not really a fan of Dakota Johnson but I’m a big Rebel Wilson fan. This movie is not on my “2016 Movie List” but it’s a good way of passing the time while waiting for the movie I was really planning to watch.



Alice (Dakota Johnson), have never been independent in her whole life. After asking for a “break” (we call it “cool off” from where I was from) from their relationship, she moved to New York and worked as a paralegal where she met the happy-go-lucky, live-life-to-the-fullest, and very single Robin (Rebel Wilson). Then her single story started from experiencing a no strings attached sexual relationship to getting back with her boyfriend to meeting eligible bachelors until she found out what she really wanted.


  • Chemistry – this is probably the first thing I noticed about the film. The ensemble, especially Dakota and Rebel, have great chemistry which made the film not painful to watch.
  • Humor – as always, Rebel’s improv skills are great which complemented Dakota’s timid and candid character.
  • Sub-plots – I liked how the story is not centered on Dakota’s story alone but also tells the stories of her sister, and the cute bartender.
  • Storyline – it’s very realistic, few cheesy movie clichés. It’s very relatable and I thought that it’s something that do happen in real life.


  • Rebel’s character – yes, Dakota is the main character but I thought that Rebel should have more depth on her character aside from being the “best friend”. Maybe I just wanted to see more of her in the movie.

Over All Impression:

How To Be Single is a light, fun, romcom film. It has a few boring scenes but these were much compensated by humor and poignant moments. The characters are relatable, not complicated and it felt like they’re one of your friends. It’s kind of like a self-help book also because it actually made me realize some things, being single and all that. LoL. I’m glad I bought a ticket for this movie. 🙂

3 tiaras out of five.


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