Princess’ Movie Review: Room

There’s not much hype about this movie until I found out about its nomination for the Academy Award. After that, several social media posts of my movie buff friends lauded this film which made me really curious. Then I saw the novel where this film was based from (which I also bought right after watching the film) and I decided that I must see this.



The film opens showing the vicinity of the room where Joy (Brie Larson) lived for seven years together with her now five year old son, Jack (Jacob Tremblay). Old Nick (Sean Bridgers) visits every day to copulate with Joy and sometimes to bring their supply. At five years old, Jack’s curiosity about the “outside” side is building up typical for his age which made Joy frustrated. Because of this and for wanting to give her son the freedom that was ripped off him, she planned on escaping using her own son to survive.


  • Direction – I was in awe on how Lenny Abrahamson directed a five year old actor to show a wide range of emotions.
  • Camera Works – a 360 degree panning of the camera in a small room with a hyper kid is something that amazed me.
  • Acting – raw emotions are very evident on this film. Brie Larson is a top contender for the Oscars’ Best Actress award and Jacob Tremblay was robbed off of an Oscars’ nomination.
  • Music – an essential part of the movie. This is maybe the first time I felt my heart pumping real hard not just because of the scenes but because of how the music complemented each scene beautifully.
  • Editing and Screenplay – I have yet to read the book and compare (I’m a little purist) but based on what I saw, it could not get any better than that.


  • Second half of the movie – I was hoping to see more of Jack’s reaction to the “outside” side. It would have taken the heaviness I felt on the first part of the film. It would have been good also to know what happened to the villain right after.

Over all Impression:

This is really a must watch film. It will touch you emotionally and will leave you hopeful. Room may not be as good as The Revenant when it comes to the technical stuff but its depth and pull of the audience is up there. I never thought that a drama movie can work well with a mixture of suspense.

4 1/2 tiaras out of five.


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