Princess’ Movie Review: Spotlight

Spotlight is one of the Best Picture nominee in the Academy Awards. The trailer isn’t that appealing but since I am a sucker for movies and a friend highly recommended this film, I decided to watch it.


Spotlight is an investigative team of The Boston Globe that bravely tackles unconventional  and controversial issues. The new Editor, who is ambitious and tough, Marty Baron (Liev Schreiber) decided to start an investigation together with his team regarding the allegations of molestation by the priests in Boston. This investigation opened a lot of cover-ups from the church to the local government and reverberated across the globe.


  • Editing – it was fast paced, clear and easy to understand without compensating the story and the flow of the plot.
  • Acting – Rachel McAdams sure is one of the most underrated actresses in Hollywood but a film like this brought out her full potential.


  • Mark Ruffalo’s character – I know that he was nominated for Oscars and I am just not sure if it’s his character but it’s painful to watch his facial expressions. I’m not sure what’s going on with his lower lip – maybe that’s who he’s portraying. 🙂

Over all Impression:

Spotlight is unapologetic and tenacious. It’s a sensitive subject and the film was able to project that without being offensive, I hope – at least, not for me. Hardcore investigative journalism was depicted in the film and was shown objectively. I don’t think it’ll win the Best Picture though. 😀

3 tiaras out of five.


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