After watching the FRIENDS series for the nth time, I thought of what would’ve happened to them by now. So I came up with this sort of fan fiction of what became of my beloved friends on television.

Ross and Rachel – a year after Monica and Chandler moved out from their apartment, Ross proposed to Rachel (again) and three months later they got married in an intimate and simple wedding with Phoebe as the Maid of Honor – a decision Monica came up with because she won’t be able to take charge of the wedding as much as she wants to because of her mommy duties to her twins which Phoebe took excitedly. A year after their wedding, Rachel gave birth to their second child – a boy which they named Ross Jr. As Ross Jr grew up, it’s obvious that he took after Ross in all ways – from dinosaurs to playing musical instruments to creating his own comic book superhero. Emma, on the other hand, is Rachel’s mini me – Rachel’s little fashionista yet strong-willed and so smitten by her Uncle Joey. Emma wanted to become a television star just like her Uncle Joey.
Ross and Rachel both agreed for Rachel to stop working for her to take care of their kids. Eventually, Rachel got bored and decided to put up her own online shopping business which kept her busy apart from attending to her family.
They both ended up living next to Monica and Chandler.

Chandler and Monica – just after six months, Chandler got promoted as a Senior officer in the advertising company he’s working for and found it to be his real calling. Monica, took a leave of absence for a year to took care of their twins with the help of a nanny. After three years, Monica put up her own bakery and pastry shop which is just a ten minute drive from where their house which is also situated just in front of the twins’ preparatory school. Monica’s Bakery is popular in the community though Monica herself is not that popular among the parents of her twins’ classmates due to her being so competitive which she takes as a compliment.
Every weekend, she hosts a dinner for her friends (Ross and Rachel next door, Phoebe and Mike and Joey) and of course, it has become a tradition that Thanksgiving is always at “Monica’s” every year. Their twins grew up to be nothing like Monica nor Chandler (obviously) but more like Phoebe and Mike – quirky, weird yet surprisingly smart kids.

Phoebe and Mike – after two years, Phoebe gave birth to their twins – Jack and Russel (named after the dog that Phoebe ran over when she first visited her father’s house – she thought it was a Jack Russel breed). Mike is still playing at local pubs but he doesn’t have to really work after he got his inheritance from his parents along with the New York loft. He sold the loft after Jack and Russel’s first birthday and purchased a house in front of the Geller-Bing’s as a gift to Phoebe. He thought that Phoebe never liked the loft and felt out of place living in it.
Phoebe, became a full-time “soccer” mom which was her dream. She also volunteers at the children’s hospital as a singer and would often drop in Monica’s Bakery to do her gig there. Monica’s Bakery became their new hang out place.

Joey – After a string of girlfriends, Joey finally settled down with a childhood friend he reunited while doing his new TV series. They live in the city but would go over Monica’s and Chandler’s every weekend for the weekly dinner though Joey is a regular face at Monica’s Bakery every time he has no work. Him, Chandler, Ross and Mike would still get together for a Knicks game once in a while and would sometimes assemble Ikea furniture or attempt to build a tree house or a swing which Monica would always redo.
Joey kept his room in Monica and Chandler’s house and would often stay there when his wife is out of the country for her work as a professional make up artist. During his free time, he would often pick up Emma from school and would talk to her about his career choices over a tub of ice cream or boxes of pizza or both.

Secondary characters:

Janice – she would sometimes run by Monica and Chandler at the local supermarket. Though her and her husband didn’t end up buying the house next to Monica and Chandler, they got a house instead in a neighboring village. Every time they meet, she would always suggest and insist for a “family” reunion, a barbecue weekend or a fishing trip which the Geller-Bing would politely decline from giving reasons like doing a school project or attending a weekly bible study or busy with uploading Youtube videos.

Gunther – still works at the Central Perk hoping and anticipating Rachel’s visit every now and then for a cup of coffee.

Carol and Susan and Ben – They moved to California after Susan was offered a job there. Ben visits Ross every summer.


I’ve watched Friends several times already and I would still laugh and cry and laugh more. They have become such an inspiration, as cheesy as it sounds, to me. Their ten year friendship that tackled relatable experiences – from relationships to career (or lack thereof) to childish tantrums and adult decisions to having fun and laughing it off with the persons you’re comfortable and happy with to misunderstandings to making up and valuing what’s important to just be with friends.

If there should ever be a reunion, I would be one of the millions who will surely be exalted. If there would be a reboot (with different cast), I would be offended. Hahah!

I didn’t see the original run as I was just a kid back then who would opt to watch cartoons and US TV series is unheard of from where I was from. The trend back tend was local soap operas and Tagalized telenovelas, I only started liking Friends when I chanced upon a channel showing reruns and after that one episode I was hooked.

I am actually seriously thinking of getting a tattoo with the Friends logo… LOL.

So no one told you life was gonna be this way
*clap, clap,clap, clap*



Princess’ Movie Review: Allegiant (The Divergent Series)

Never a fan of this franchise until a friend lend me her DVD copies of the first two films. I have to admit that it hooked me in despite of the overwhelming film franchises out there. Before watching I re-watched the first two films again for to refresh my memory and not to lose myself on the continuity.


Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James), together with their fellow fugitive pals was again caught in the middle of a war between the Factionless and the Allegiant which prompted them, in part but mostly out of curiosity, to go beyond the wall only to find out the truth that threatened their very existence.


  • Direction – Robert Schwentke’s vivid and aesthetic interpretation of the bestseller novel contrasts Neil Burger’s deep and emotional take on the first installment.
  • Action scenes – not as explosive and gut-wrenching as I thought it would be but it just have the right amount of action-packed scenes (for my taste).


  • Editing – there are some shots and scenes unnecessary in the whole premise of the movie.

Over All Impression:

This could’ve easily been Theo James’ movie more than Shailene Woodley‘s (ever since Insurgent, actually) which goes to show that his character is far more complex, well-sketched and deep more than Woodley’s. It just so happen that Woodley is “lucky” enough to be a pure Divergent. This third installment of the franchise is just a build up (I hope) for the final installment.

Two tiaras out of five.

Princess’ Movie Review: London Has Fallen

This movie was not on my 2016 movie list but a post of a friend in social media sparked a curiosity in me. She’s not really a movie buff but she said that it’s a good film so I decided to treat myself after my disappointment in Gerard Butler’s Gods of Egypt.

As head of security of the President of the United States, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) was tasked to accompany and secure President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) to attend the state funeral of England’s Prime Minister. The state funeral gathers the most powerful leaders around the world which is a buffet for heartless terrorist seeking vengeance. Banning became a one man security sworn to protect the most powerful man in the world from A LOT of terrorists whose leader intends to broadcast Asher’s execution before the world.


  • Cast – not just because Morgan Freeman was there (LoL), but because the rapport and chemistry between Butler, Eckhart and Basset is really good.
  • Plot – it’s not complicated yet very action packed and massive though it’s unbelievable for a powerful nation to be infiltrated by terrorists (or is it?).


  • Suspense – for an action movie, it does not have as much suspense as I expected it would have. Gerard Butler’s character is Chuck Norris-ish. :p
  • Car chase (or any chasing) – it would have been great if there was a little desperation on the chasing scenes. There may have been and was edited out during post-production.
  • Girl action – I was really hoping that the MI6 agent would be a bad ass but nope.

Over All Impression:

London Has Fallen has the right amount of action, humor and poignant scenes but I was really expecting more BAM! But this is the movie I want to see Gerard Butler in (instead of the disappointing Gods of Egypt).

Two tiaras out or five.

Princess’ Movie Review: Zootopia

A simple trailer of this film didn’t quite stir any interest in me. Yes, I’m a big fan of animation movies, especially Disney and Pixar produced but this film didn’t just appeal to me but then I found myself purchasing a movie ticket to (hopefully) humor myself – pun intended.

Officer Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), is a determined and ambitious bunny who became the very first cop which is unheard of in Zootopia – a metropolis that is a home of anthropomorphic mammals (I didn’t see any reptiles or birds). She unlikely partnered with a sly fox, Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) to solve a missing “mammal” case and proved her worth as an officer of the law despite her size and being stereotyped as meek and weak.


  • Animation – typical of any Disney movie, it didn’t fell short of boasting a visually appetizing animation from its imaginative setting to its creative execution.
  • Plot – it’s simple and easy to comprehend by its target demographic.
  • Moral Lesson – I just have to add this, haha! It does have a lesson that some may find cheesy but then again the film’s target market are kids (and kids at heart).


  • Humor – sure it does have its funny moments but it would have been better to have a constant comic relief from the main characters (not just from secondary characters).
  • Voice Acting – Ginnifer delivered quite well but I’m partial to Jason Bateman. He kind of bores me (sorry).
  • Character Development – not as well-sketched as I want it to be but who am I to judge. Kids loved it (I guess).
  • Music – it’s refreshing to hear Shakira‘s deep vocals contrary to thin as ice Disney Princesses’ voices but it would have been better if the soundtrack is catchy. It does not have a recall.

Over All Impression:

Zootopia is a feel good movie whose furry appeal more than compensates its boring scenes. Though it’s not as “goosebumpy” as Big Hero 6 or as poignant as Inside Out but it has its moments. I only heard a few giggles in the theater from the grown ups though there were quite a few number of kids who attended. After the movie, it seems like the kids enthusiasm was caused not because of the movie but because of how cool the theater was.

Two and half tiaras out of five.