Princess’ Movie Review: London Has Fallen

This movie was not on my 2016 movie list but a post of a friend in social media sparked a curiosity in me. She’s not really a movie buff but she said that it’s a good film so I decided to treat myself after my disappointment in Gerard Butler’s Gods of Egypt.

As head of security of the President of the United States, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) was tasked to accompany and secure President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) to attend the state funeral of England’s Prime Minister. The state funeral gathers the most powerful leaders around the world which is a buffet for heartless terrorist seeking vengeance. Banning became a one man security sworn to protect the most powerful man in the world from A LOT of terrorists whose leader intends to broadcast Asher’s execution before the world.


  • Cast – not just because Morgan Freeman was there (LoL), but because the rapport and chemistry between Butler, Eckhart and Basset is really good.
  • Plot – it’s not complicated yet very action packed and massive though it’s unbelievable for a powerful nation to be infiltrated by terrorists (or is it?).


  • Suspense – for an action movie, it does not have as much suspense as I expected it would have. Gerard Butler’s character is Chuck Norris-ish. :p
  • Car chase (or any chasing) – it would have been great if there was a little desperation on the chasing scenes. There may have been and was edited out during post-production.
  • Girl action – I was really hoping that the MI6 agent would be a bad ass but nope.

Over All Impression:

London Has Fallen has the right amount of action, humor and poignant scenes but I was really expecting more BAM! But this is the movie I want to see Gerard Butler in (instead of the disappointing Gods of Egypt).

Two tiaras out or five.


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