Princess’ Movie Review: Zootopia

A simple trailer of this film didn’t quite stir any interest in me. Yes, I’m a big fan of animation movies, especially Disney and Pixar produced but this film didn’t just appeal to me but then I found myself purchasing a movie ticket to (hopefully) humor myself – pun intended.

Officer Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), is a determined and ambitious bunny who became the very first cop which is unheard of in Zootopia – a metropolis that is a home of anthropomorphic mammals (I didn’t see any reptiles or birds). She unlikely partnered with a sly fox, Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) to solve a missing “mammal” case and proved her worth as an officer of the law despite her size and being stereotyped as meek and weak.


  • Animation – typical of any Disney movie, it didn’t fell short of boasting a visually appetizing animation from its imaginative setting to its creative execution.
  • Plot – it’s simple and easy to comprehend by its target demographic.
  • Moral Lesson – I just have to add this, haha! It does have a lesson that some may find cheesy but then again the film’s target market are kids (and kids at heart).


  • Humor – sure it does have its funny moments but it would have been better to have a constant comic relief from the main characters (not just from secondary characters).
  • Voice Acting – Ginnifer delivered quite well but I’m partial to Jason Bateman. He kind of bores me (sorry).
  • Character Development – not as well-sketched as I want it to be but who am I to judge. Kids loved it (I guess).
  • Music – it’s refreshing to hear Shakira‘s deep vocals contrary to thin as ice Disney Princesses’ voices but it would have been better if the soundtrack is catchy. It does not have a recall.

Over All Impression:

Zootopia is a feel good movie whose furry appeal more than compensates its boring scenes. Though it’s not as “goosebumpy” as Big Hero 6 or as poignant as Inside Out but it has its moments. I only heard a few giggles in the theater from the grown ups though there were quite a few number of kids who attended. After the movie, it seems like the kids enthusiasm was caused not because of the movie but because of how cool the theater was.

Two and half tiaras out of five.


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