Princess’ Movie Review: Allegiant (The Divergent Series)

Never a fan of this franchise until a friend lend me her DVD copies of the first two films. I have to admit that it hooked me in despite of the overwhelming film franchises out there. Before watching I re-watched the first two films again for to refresh my memory and not to lose myself on the continuity.


Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James), together with their fellow fugitive pals was again caught in the middle of a war between the Factionless and the Allegiant which prompted them, in part but mostly out of curiosity, to go beyond the wall only to find out the truth that threatened their very existence.


  • Direction – Robert Schwentke’s vivid and aesthetic interpretation of the bestseller novel contrasts Neil Burger’s deep and emotional take on the first installment.
  • Action scenes – not as explosive and gut-wrenching as I thought it would be but it just have the right amount of action-packed scenes (for my taste).


  • Editing – there are some shots and scenes unnecessary in the whole premise of the movie.

Over All Impression:

This could’ve easily been Theo James’ movie more than Shailene Woodley‘s (ever since Insurgent, actually) which goes to show that his character is far more complex, well-sketched and deep more than Woodley’s. It just so happen that Woodley is “lucky” enough to be a pure Divergent. This third installment of the franchise is just a build up (I hope) for the final installment.

Two tiaras out of five.


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