Captain America: Civil War

One of the most anticipated movies in 2016. Fortunately, our company treated us for a free movie/block screening for this film. Yey!! The film’s marketing strategy is to let you choose a side prior to watching the film and like any other Marvel fans, I picked a side – Team Cap FTW!! Mainly because Chris Evans is sooooo effin’ hot! hahah!! I’m a Hulk fan all the way but he’s not in this film so….


After several incidents that involved the Avengers (past MCU films), the United Nations wanted to govern or take control of the Avenger’s operations to prevent conflicts and mainly to avoid a vast number of casualties that may result from any future saving of the world. This created a conflict between Captain America aka Steve Rogers and Ironman aka Anthony Stark. This conflict divided the team resulting in an epic battle until a much complex plot was revealed as the main reason for everything that has happened.


Plot – very, very good! It’s not as uncomplicated as I thought it would be but it is refreshing and perfectly weaved the storyline. It has the basic elements of revenge, betrayal, loyalty and morality.

Action Scenes – one of the best action scenes so far! The airport battle is one for the books! Whew!! I thought that there would be so much going on having twelve (yes, TWELVE!) superheroes fighting each other but it was executed perfectly and harmoniously. It was hard to pick who will win from that epic battle. It was really good!!

Execution – superb! The guys behind the direction of this movie were geniuses. They really did a good job.

Sub-plots – it’s as important as the main plot. Or actually, the movie is composed of multiple sub-plots woven together to create one great plot.

Humor – as always, this is something that obviously sets it apart from the DC films. It has the right timing for humor to lessen the heart-pounding, hard core action scenes. It’s like a cue to the audience to pause from doing air punches first, laugh out loud, then resume.

Post Credit Scenes – alright, there are TWO post credit scenes here. One involving the winter soldier and the other one involving your friendly neighborhood.

Spiderman – I was really partial for a teenage spiderman but I thought he was cute and a breath of fresh air in a film with grown up superheroes.


Shaky camera – I know that it added great effects in some action films but there are scenes that does not have action sequences and the camera is still shaky, Maybe because the scene does not involve the main actors thus the direction unit thought of just using a handheld camera – take the scene and cut and move on to the next one.

Over All Impression:

This is by far, my most favorite MCU movie. I would watch it again with my friends and again with my family. It is given that the action scenes are on point but what I really like about this movie, just like any other MCU films, is the humor that were injected all through out the film. The humor is something that’s missing terribly from the DC films. Whew!! I love it! I just love it!!

Nine tiaras out of ten!!! Yeah!!


The Huntsman: Winter’s War

I have been anticipating for this movie since I heard that they’re making a prequel of Snow White and the Huntsman. When they released the trailer – deym – it was really good, partly because of new actors playing new characters and mainly because Kristen Stewart is not there anymore. :p


Freya (Emily Blunt), built an icy fortress around her both literally and figuratively after having her heart betrayed. She then built an army – Huntsmen to conquer kingdoms. Two of these huntsmen are Erik and Sara (Chris Hemsworth and Jessica Chastain, respectively) who fell in love with each other thus breaking the “golden rule” of Freya’s kingdom. This set the story of lovers caught between the betrayal and war of two powerful queens.


Cinematography and Photography – in all fairness, except for the blue flowers maybe, I was visually entertained.

Humor – not Chris Hemsworth’s corny lines but by the secondary characters.

ExecutionCedric Nicolas-Troyan has a far more vision than Rupert Sanders.

Set Design – it’s not lavish that it’ll take your attention from what’s going on in each scene but just enough to make it visually stunning.

Costume and Make-up – This is may be the first time I commended this factor in a movie. 🙂

Actors – where will I begin?? Charlize Theron is the evil queen – no one else. Her being deadly is directly proportional to her beauty. She’s very beautiful yet very scary. Emily Blunt‘s icy vibe is just perfect. Jessica Chastain, she has been one of my favorite actresses ever since The Help. I’m really glad Kristen Stewart was not in this film…or may be she was there and I just didn’t notice. LoL.

Dislikes (Some spoilers ahead):

Plot – I like the idea of this being the prequel but it kind of gave a wrong notion to the viewers that Freya is Snow White’s mother. Maybe it was intentional but it may be confusing to some viewers. And Freya’s sudden decision to raise an army to create her own kingdom and conquer other kingdoms is questionable. Why would someone do that after losing their child?? Because she’s hurt?? Heheh.

Bar Fight – it was unnecessary and cliché. Come on, they could’ve reintroduced Erik and Sara in some other way.

Sara’s motivation – her motive was so obvious. They should’ve made her reintroduction to Erik in some other way.

Accent – hahaha!! I didn’t like it. I love you Chris Hemsworth, but it was so fake and incomprehensible and inconsistent. Or was it your real accent? At this point, I don’t know. LoL

Over All Impression:

This is way better than the first movie. I just hoped that the fight scenes between Freya and Ravena would be more visually stunning. The plot was kind of predictable for me but the cast carried the movie well. If there were different or unknown actors, this could’ve been another John Carter.

Six and a half tiaras out of ten.

I am going to be scaling my movie reviews out of ten tiaras from now on. :p

Princess’ Movie Reviw: The Jungle Book

This is one of my most anticipated movies in 2016. I grew up watching the animated series of The Jungle Book, back when I thought that the bear’s name was “Blue” and that their song was entitled “The Bear Necessities”.


Mowgli, who was raised by a pack of wolves became threatened by a vicious tiger and set on a journey to go back to where he came from. Along his trip back home, he met a few friends and foes that made his adventure both thrilling and exciting and fun.


The child actor – boy, was he good. I felt his struggle, his fear and his humor. Of course, he’s performance was not really Oscar level acting but I gave him credit for acting with probably card boards and a green screen.

CGI – Walt Disney is of course one of the top studios that make movies with guhreat CGI effects.

Voice actors – I don’t hear the actors talking but the character they’re portraying. Bill Murray is, as always, impeccable.

Execution – Jon Favreau’s direction is on point. I can’t imagine how he made the child actor do those things. The after effect is pretty seamless.

Music – it sets the mood of the whole movie perfectly.


Musical number – Of course, “The Bare Necessities” is a necessity but I thought that the other song number is a little out of place.

Kaa – she should have more screen time, hopefully in the sequel. I love Kaa in the cartoon series because he (in the movie Kaa’s a she) provides the slapstick humor.

Over All Impression:

It was a fun and a great movie to watch. For me, a good breather from a disappointing BvS (ooops). It was tastefully done with just the right combination of humor, suspense and poignant moments. It is kid friendly with enough scare compensated by understandable funny scenes that kids would get. I just hope that they would make the production of the sequel right away to still have the same child actor (Neel Sethi).

Four tiaras. 

Princess’ Movie Review: Batman v Superman

I only got the chance to watch the film earlier because; 1st, I don’t get invited to movie premiers; 2nd, I don’t want to queue on the first day showing or the first weekend; and 3rd, it’s been a hell week last week for me. There is sooo much hype about this movie and I stayed away from social media to avoid any spoilers and to not read any review about the movie though I’ve found out that most critics are not happy about the film. So, here’s my take on it.


Superman (Henry Cavill) was caught in the middle of humanity’s politics and helplessness and finds himself in a moral dilemma that would determine his fate and the fate of humanity. Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck) has his own strong opinion against Superman that motivates him to do anything to exact his revenge and bring justice to what he thought were the victims of Superman’s awesomeness. Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) manipulated the events that lead to the epic battle between Batman and Superman and more.


Gal Gadot – as Wonderwoman, she fits the role perfectly despite of several negative reactions when it was announced that she’ll play the iconic super heroine. She’s great in the movie though I would like to have her more screen time but it was just right since she’s not really the main character (yet).


Plot – it’s a little bit confusing. The movie, like Nolan’s Batman series, has a dark theme but the plot is shallow. There is not much motivation as to why Bruce Wayne hates Superman so much and why Lex Luthor did the things he did. I haven’t read the comic books and this could’ve been shown in the film because not all movie goers are comic book fans.

Jesse Eisenberg – I like how he interprets his character but it’s a little bit Joker-ish for me.

Lois Lane – Amy Adam’s acting is not lacking but Lois Lane was too “damsel in distress” in this film. I missed her strong and feistiness in Man of Steel.

Execution – it would have been great to have a lot of long and continuous shot of the action scenes instead of the shaky, up close fight scenes but I guess Ben Affleck needed that considering that it’s hard for him to move because of his bulky costume.

Costume – too dark. too awkward. I felt uncomfortable for Batman.

Over All Impression:

I would like to love this film and I strip myself of any prejudice and expectations before stepping into the movie house. I took it as it is and unfortunately I was disappointed with the film. The build up was kinda boring and shallow and it was a little bit dragging. Batman v Superman tried so hard (and failed) to be an artsy film. It’s a superhero movie and moviegoers wanted to feel awed and great after watching it, not depressed and gloomy. Perhaps Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool did set a new trend for what should superhero movies would look like. I am not biased but as a movie goer, superhero movies should be an escape from the Oscar-y movies. It should be a break from heart-wrenching, tear-jerker, dark films. It should be fun. It should be awesome and visually appetizing.

Two tiaras out of five. 😦