Princess’ Movie Reviw: The Jungle Book

This is one of my most anticipated movies in 2016. I grew up watching the animated series of The Jungle Book, back when I thought that the bear’s name was “Blue” and that their song was entitled “The Bear Necessities”.


Mowgli, who was raised by a pack of wolves became threatened by a vicious tiger and set on a journey to go back to where he came from. Along his trip back home, he met a few friends and foes that made his adventure both thrilling and exciting and fun.


The child actor – boy, was he good. I felt his struggle, his fear and his humor. Of course, he’s performance was not really Oscar level acting but I gave him credit for acting with probably card boards and a green screen.

CGI – Walt Disney is of course one of the top studios that make movies with guhreat CGI effects.

Voice actors – I don’t hear the actors talking but the character they’re portraying. Bill Murray is, as always, impeccable.

Execution – Jon Favreau’s direction is on point. I can’t imagine how he made the child actor do those things. The after effect is pretty seamless.

Music – it sets the mood of the whole movie perfectly.


Musical number – Of course, “The Bare Necessities” is a necessity but I thought that the other song number is a little out of place.

Kaa – she should have more screen time, hopefully in the sequel. I love Kaa in the cartoon series because he (in the movie Kaa’s a she) provides the slapstick humor.

Over All Impression:

It was a fun and a great movie to watch. For me, a good breather from a disappointing BvS (ooops). It was tastefully done with just the right combination of humor, suspense and poignant moments. It is kid friendly with enough scare compensated by understandable funny scenes that kids would get. I just hope that they would make the production of the sequel right away to still have the same child actor (Neel Sethi).

Four tiaras. 


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