The Huntsman: Winter’s War

I have been anticipating for this movie since I heard that they’re making a prequel of Snow White and the Huntsman. When they released the trailer – deym – it was really good, partly because of new actors playing new characters and mainly because Kristen Stewart is not there anymore. :p


Freya (Emily Blunt), built an icy fortress around her both literally and figuratively after having her heart betrayed. She then built an army – Huntsmen to conquer kingdoms. Two of these huntsmen are Erik and Sara (Chris Hemsworth and Jessica Chastain, respectively) who fell in love with each other thus breaking the “golden rule” of Freya’s kingdom. This set the story of lovers caught between the betrayal and war of two powerful queens.


Cinematography and Photography – in all fairness, except for the blue flowers maybe, I was visually entertained.

Humor – not Chris Hemsworth’s corny lines but by the secondary characters.

ExecutionCedric Nicolas-Troyan has a far more vision than Rupert Sanders.

Set Design – it’s not lavish that it’ll take your attention from what’s going on in each scene but just enough to make it visually stunning.

Costume and Make-up – This is may be the first time I commended this factor in a movie. 🙂

Actors – where will I begin?? Charlize Theron is the evil queen – no one else. Her being deadly is directly proportional to her beauty. She’s very beautiful yet very scary. Emily Blunt‘s icy vibe is just perfect. Jessica Chastain, she has been one of my favorite actresses ever since The Help. I’m really glad Kristen Stewart was not in this film…or may be she was there and I just didn’t notice. LoL.

Dislikes (Some spoilers ahead):

Plot – I like the idea of this being the prequel but it kind of gave a wrong notion to the viewers that Freya is Snow White’s mother. Maybe it was intentional but it may be confusing to some viewers. And Freya’s sudden decision to raise an army to create her own kingdom and conquer other kingdoms is questionable. Why would someone do that after losing their child?? Because she’s hurt?? Heheh.

Bar Fight – it was unnecessary and cliché. Come on, they could’ve reintroduced Erik and Sara in some other way.

Sara’s motivation – her motive was so obvious. They should’ve made her reintroduction to Erik in some other way.

Accent – hahaha!! I didn’t like it. I love you Chris Hemsworth, but it was so fake and incomprehensible and inconsistent. Or was it your real accent? At this point, I don’t know. LoL

Over All Impression:

This is way better than the first movie. I just hoped that the fight scenes between Freya and Ravena would be more visually stunning. The plot was kind of predictable for me but the cast carried the movie well. If there were different or unknown actors, this could’ve been another John Carter.

Six and a half tiaras out of ten.

I am going to be scaling my movie reviews out of ten tiaras from now on. :p


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