Movie Review: X-Men Apocalypse

X-Men Apocalypse is one of the most awaited movies of the year and as soon as I knew that it’s already showing here in the Philippines, I went and watched it right away (second day of showing). Of course, prior to watching I had to know how many, if there are any, post-credit scenes. Bought a large glass of iced tea and some raisins to nibble on and then I went inside very excited. Yey!


Without Professor X, the new breed of X-men went to save the world (and the Professor) under Mystique’s lead against a powerful mutant and his four minions. That’s pretty much it.


Quicksilver – I thought that he deserved to have his stand alone film under a different director with a fresh approach. He  shone here more than he did from the previous X-Men film until the script crippled him literally.

Sophie Turner – she’s refreshing and a great new addition on this franchise.

I paused and think for several minutes to think of anything else I like in the film but I can’t think of any. Gahd!!


Editing – what happened? There are unnecessary scenes that didn’t help the flow of the plot.

Cinematography – almost non-existent. It’s 2016 already!! I was really bothered on the final battle scene. They were just fighting in someone else’s junk yard.

Script – when did it become cheesy? I realized that even how much acting caliber an actor has, if the script is bland… urgh!

Plot – I thought that it was too convenient for the protagonists. No complicated conflicts, love angle was forced, poignant moments were laughable. Urgh!!! What happened?!?!?! There are a lot of plot holes even. I thought a lot of questionable inconsistencies in the continuity of this film saga. AND that’s it for Wolverine?

Direction – I like Bryan Singer but it seems that his energy has burned out. No fresh approach, nothing at all. I’m so sad.

Actors – I had high hopes that the multi-awarded actors can carry the film but even their stars were dimmed by the direction. 😦

Over All Impression:

It’s like watching the characters from Glee in costumes trying real hard to win the regionals. What’s with the awkward poses and tableau?? What’s with the cheesy lines?? I guess, it’s about time that 20th Century give the rights for X-Men and let Disney take over. Even the humor in the film is forced. I only liked Quicksilver’s scenes and that’s it. Sorry. The film was a joke. And I can’t believe I compromised my sleeping hours for this. Urgh! I’m so disappointed and sad.

Four tiaras out of ten. (I gave this rating generously.)


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