Movie Review: Warcraft

I am not a fan of online games and never played one in my entire life ever but the trailer of this movie was kind of exciting and I thought that it may interest me so I decided to watch it without any knowledge about the online game where it was based on.


An orc chieftain seek the help of the humankind after opposing the evilness of their king (I guess). This evilness was being driven by wanting to find a new kingdom to rule thus the humankind did everything they could, with the help of a powerful guardian, to protect their people and their kingdom.



Effects – more than anything else, it’s what made me see the movie. They could have made it more realistic though because I feel like watching a version 2.0 of Beowulf but it’s tolerable. It’s not as good as the LOTR franchise but it’s okay.

Story – it was there though not deep and complicated enough but it works. It was understandable except for some confusing parts. It would’ve been more comprehensible for me if only I know something about the online game. 😀



Acting – It just shocked me how an orc holds a cup with her pinky flicking like a proper lady. Animated facial expressions doesn’t work for me either and I’m confused on their underacting and overacting technique. 🙂

Subplots – The love angle was too forced. Father and son relationship and conflict was too shallow. “Saving the child” was too biblical.


Over All Impression:

It was an okay movie for me. I just thought that for starting a new franchise film, the producers and the director should’ve made it more epic. It was kind of bland and lacks an oomph factor. I also thought that they should’ve cast at least one or two more known and good actors to help audiences like me to have that feeling of familiarity at least. It would make us, non-Warcraft gamers, more excited I guess.

Four tiaras out of ten.


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