Movie Review: The Conjuring 2

I am a HUUUGE horror movie fan and it’s just nothing but usual for me to be on the first day or week of showing. The Conjuring was directed by James Wan and for me that’s where he cemented his mastery in telling a horror story. I thought that he was just lucky with Saw and Insidious but I thought wrong. He is a master storyteller.


The Conjuring 2 is based on a true story of the Hodgson family’s experience with paranormal. Janet, the second daughter, was the object of the haunting that started after playing witn a ouija board summoning an angry spirit and a demonic entity. Came in the Warrens, who were skeptical at first but after realizing about what’s really going on helped the Hodgsons cast out the evil in their home.


Direction – I have become a huge James Wan fan because of how he sets the mood by building the scare gradually without the aid of too much gore, blood or sound effects to jump scare the audience. He’s no Alfred Hitchcock but he can be the next one.

Camera Works – the continuous shot were tastefully done which made me feel like I was in the movie.

Lighting – for me lighting is one of the components in movie making that can make of break the mood of the film. Too much or too less in a horror movie can make it laughable. The lighting in this film is terrifyingly good.

Acting – the acting of the child actors especially Madison Wolfe, is giving the lead actors a run for their money. 🙂


Scares – first off, the movie is indeed scary but as a horror fan it has become formulaic for me. I understand that it is James Wan’s style and it still is effective, mind you, it’s just that I thought he could have shown something new. But the scares are really good while watching but for me a good scare is something that you bring with you even after leaving the movie house.

Over All Impression:

The first Conjuring is still my favorite especially the plot and the scares (hide and clap, cabinet scene, etc) but I would give this sequel a two thumbs up still. James Wan sure knows how to make the audience scream and cover their eyes with their hands peeking through the gap between the fingers (like what my Mom and I did… lol). The Conjuring 2 has the right mixture of scares and heart which made it somewhat a family movie if your family is a horror movie junkie. :p

Seven tiaras out of ten.




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