Movie Review: Finding Dory

I am entitled to be first in line in this film than the kids who went to watch this on Father’s Day. Like most people my age, I waited for a very long time thus I should be more prioritized than those children! LoL


Dory sets on a journey with Marlin and Nemo to find her long lost parents which brought them to a marine institute. On their journey they met funny and quirky characters which helped Dory reunite with her parents.



Everything about this film!! Hahah!!

Characters – of course, Dory is given to be the funniest character in Finding Nemo but in this film, I get to know her even more. She’s more than that. I also loved Hank the octopus (septipus), Becky, Destiny and a lot more.

Plot – even though it’s more on of finding Dory’s parents, at the end of the film you’ll understand why it’s Finding Dory. :’)

Humor – of course, it’s not gonna be such a huge hit if Dory’s antics won’t be funny but more than that, new characters brought more laughs in this film. I would love to have a Finding Hank or Finding Destiny sequel. LoL. Hank is just so funny.



Pacing/Editing – there were just some scenes where I got bored for a few seconds, maybe because I wanted Dory and her parents to meet already. 😀


Over All Impression:

Finding Dory made me laugh, giggle, cry and laugh some more. Its humor is in its characters but its heart is in the story itself (like most Pixar films) and what sets it apart is its reach not just to kids but to everyone.


Eight tiaras out of ten.


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