Movie Review: TMNT Out of the Shadows

This sequel is one of the movies I anticipated to watch this year but decided to not watch it after reading a critic review that it’s not worth to watch but then, an office mate told me that he enjoyed the film so I spent 200 pesos to see if it’s worth it.


The brothers, having their own personal struggles, were conflicted and their relationship as a team and as brothers were threatened until an invasion brought them together. With the help of a new member, they went on to save New York (and the world) jeopardizing their anonymity.



Characterization – the characters are more defined than the first film especially the individuality of the brothers. And I also liked how bad ass April is on this film.

Plot – it has more story than the first film. Just enough conflicts for subplots but the main story is there even though it’s tailored to some of the successful films lately (Marvel movies).

Humor – it has its cricket moments but I had more laughs in this film than the first.



Execution – it feels like a bit “cartoony”, of course they use CGI but the whole movie seems like an animated movie for me.

Effects – too much unnecessary stunts and explosions that I thought it’s directed by Michael Bay, only to find out that he produced this so…


Over All Impression:

It’s explosive and visually entertaining. I would say that this could’ve been the first installment, I mean there’s no need to build an origin story if you can’t execute it well, right? Contrary to some (or most) critics, I can say that I enjoyed this movie.

Six tiaras out of ten.





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