Movie Review: Imagine You & Me


This is the most anticipated movie for all citizens of the ALDUB nation, including yours truly. I may have missed the premiere night but I won’t miss the first day of screening so I had to wake up early and change my working hours just so I don’t feel left out.



Gara (Maine Mendoza), a hopeless romantic caregiver helped a brokenhearted medical student, Andrew (Alden Richards) when the latter’s bag was snatched. This started their romantic journey together. Will he move on and find a new love? Will she finally fall in love? Will they end up with each other?



Cinematography – top of my list. The movie was shot almost entirely in Italy. Almost 98%, the setting is in Lake Como which is very picturesque. Of course, cinematography is not just about the beauty of the place but also how it was brought into the picture which  compliments AND complements the story.

Plot – it’s simple and relatable (for some, I guess). The conflicts and the twists are just enough to make the whole premise of the film interesting. Of course, it’s far from what could really happen in real life but as far as cinematic experience is concerned, it’s just right.

Acting – Maine’s acting has improved since My Bebe Love, it seems that her forte is romantic comedy. There are few instances where it’s obvious that she’s just a neophyte but she is a natural. Her ad lib and comedic timing are on point and she can banter with Cacai bautista (which is really funny) and Cai Cortez (I love her dialogues). Alden is already a known good actor but what surprised me here was Jasmine Curtis, I know that she has an award in acting already but this is the first time I saw here acting and yep, she’s great.

Humor – the movie is a romantic comedy thus its humor is just enough and right. Not slapstick, not corny. Probably, what I like most about the humor in this movie are the ad lib.

Camera Works – the long continuous shots of Mike Tuviera reminds me of Martin Scorsese’s trademark. It’s fluid and smooth and it brought me into the movie. It’s as if I was there.

Candid Moments – I like how the director incorporated the scenes where Maine and Alden are not acting at all. It may have work well because of this next item…

Chemistry – it’s undeniable. Alden and Maine have it. The last time I saw this kind of chemistry was between Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes. Shouts of glee reverberated in the cinema halls when the screen showed them on the same scene the first time.

Cameo – please do watch out for the cameo appearances. They’re funny and cute.

Very Subtle Product Placements – I always cringe whenever I see product placements which where injected in the film and as a result make the movie crass (e.g. Converse in i-Robot, Tide in My Bebe Love, etc) but the product placements in this film are almost unnoticeable except perhaps for the major sponsor(s) and these product placements were executed well.



Sudden Burst of Emotions – the actors deliver what was expected of them but I thought that some dramatic moments were not cohesive to the flow of the scene. It’s kind of out of place, dramatic moments could’ve been better if they were not as unreasonable and unrealistic as I thought they were.

Supporting Characters – Irma Adlwan’s character as well as Cacai and Cai and Jasmine were great but I was expecting more screen time from Jerald Napoles, Yayo Aguila and others. Their scenes may have been edited but it would’ve been nice to see Jerald and Cacai. Hopefully in the sequel.


Over All Impression:

I loved it! Not because I’m an Aldub fan but because it was a great film. It was a perfect lead star vehicle for Alden and Maine’s love team. I can say this, without bias, that it’s one of my favorite local rom-com films apart from Starting Over Again and  Just The 3 of Us.

I can’t help myself smiling all through out the film except for the climax where I “almost” cried… okay fine, I cried. I got kilig the whole time! And another thing, the maturity that Alden and Maine showed here is superb. Very far from being pabebe. Will watch this again… and again. And the ending!!!! Grabeeee!!!

8 tiaras out of ten.
































Movie Review: The Legend of Tarzan

I am partial to this film having grown up with the Disney animation but the trailers look promising. I was half expecting talking animals and cheesy lines, I braced myself for it.


Set after Tarzan’s (re)introduction to society as Sir John Clayton. A power hungry and greedy explorer is set to bargain Tarzan for his own cruel intention which lead to Tarzan saving not just himself and Jane but also his beloved birth place and everything else that comes with it.

  • Plot – first and foremost, this is what I loved about the movie. It’s simple with just enough conflicts that do not overwhelm the over all premise of the story.
  • Acting – it’s really well-acted. Christoph Waltz, as always, delivers top notch acting without overdoing it. I am also beginning to love Margot Robbie. Alex Skarsgärd is perfection!! Samuel L. Jackson and Djimon Hounsou supported the lead cast really well without really stealing the scenes but complementing it actually.
  • Characters – the caliber of the actors brought depth to the characters they played. A simple arranging of cutlery says so much of the character. A simple smirk and gaze tell a lot about the character. No need for unnecessary back stories, subtle movements tell a lot about the characters.
  • Cinematography – you can’t get a bad shot having Africa as your backdrop. There are a lot of scenes that can be the poster of the movie. Tarzan touching the elephant is one of my faves as well as the poignant scene he had with his gorilla mother. It’s breathtaking.
  • Editing – it’s just right, it delivers impacting scenes and letting you breath for a few seconds then bringing you in the story again.
  • Humor – having Samuel L. Jackson is a wise move. His character is a perfect relief for the action-packed film. But all humor is not just about him, even Tarzan and Jane themselves prove to bring light-hearted moments.
  • Directing – I watched the movie without knowing who the director was. I liked and loved the film so half-way through it I grabbed my phone and search who the director is and I was pleasantly surprised to know that it’s David Yates. No wonder, it’s that good!!


  • Costumes –  probably the only thing I don’t like about. Considering that the story happened in the late 19th century but I guess that it’s not convenient for the actors especially Margot Robbie to do the action scenes with a really tight corset and huge ball gowns.

Over All Impression:

I loved it!!! It’s not just visually stunning but it’s also spectacularly well-made. Definitely one of the best movies in 2016!!

9 tiaras out of 10.