Movie Review: The Legend of Tarzan

I am partial to this film having grown up with the Disney animation but the trailers look promising. I was half expecting talking animals and cheesy lines, I braced myself for it.


Set after Tarzan’s (re)introduction to society as Sir John Clayton. A power hungry and greedy explorer is set to bargain Tarzan for his own cruel intention which lead to Tarzan saving not just himself and Jane but also his beloved birth place and everything else that comes with it.

  • Plot – first and foremost, this is what I loved about the movie. It’s simple with just enough conflicts that do not overwhelm the over all premise of the story.
  • Acting – it’s really well-acted. Christoph Waltz, as always, delivers top notch acting without overdoing it. I am also beginning to love Margot Robbie. Alex Skarsgärd is perfection!! Samuel L. Jackson and Djimon Hounsou supported the lead cast really well without really stealing the scenes but complementing it actually.
  • Characters – the caliber of the actors brought depth to the characters they played. A simple arranging of cutlery says so much of the character. A simple smirk and gaze tell a lot about the character. No need for unnecessary back stories, subtle movements tell a lot about the characters.
  • Cinematography – you can’t get a bad shot having Africa as your backdrop. There are a lot of scenes that can be the poster of the movie. Tarzan touching the elephant is one of my faves as well as the poignant scene he had with his gorilla mother. It’s breathtaking.
  • Editing – it’s just right, it delivers impacting scenes and letting you breath for a few seconds then bringing you in the story again.
  • Humor – having Samuel L. Jackson is a wise move. His character is a perfect relief for the action-packed film. But all humor is not just about him, even Tarzan and Jane themselves prove to bring light-hearted moments.
  • Directing – I watched the movie without knowing who the director was. I liked and loved the film so half-way through it I grabbed my phone and search who the director is and I was pleasantly surprised to know that it’s David Yates. No wonder, it’s that good!!


  • Costumes –  probably the only thing I don’t like about. Considering that the story happened in the late 19th century but I guess that it’s not convenient for the actors especially Margot Robbie to do the action scenes with a really tight corset and huge ball gowns.

Over All Impression:

I loved it!!! It’s not just visually stunning but it’s also spectacularly well-made. Definitely one of the best movies in 2016!!

9 tiaras out of 10.


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