Movie Review: Suicide Squad

First, I just want to lay it out there that I’m not really a huge DC fan… I’m more of a Marvel kind of nerd but when I read months ago that DC is making a Suicide Squad movie, I felt ecstatic not because I’m a fan but because it will star Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Urgh! I love her!

Prior to watching Suicide Squad, it already trended twitter with having low ratings from critics so I tried to watch it as objectively as possible.


A group of dangerous criminals were gathered together by a top ranking official as their go-to “suicide squad” should there be a Superman-level security threat. One of their supposed-to-be members which incidentally is the most powerful in its own out of this world sense decided to go on “its” own and enslave the world. Now it’s up to this mismatch squad to save the world while moving on with their own personal issues.



Margot Robbie – this film is Margot Robbie’s movie. I’m saying this not because I love her but because her character portrayal stood out from the rest. She is the humor of the film and literally the craziest character and the loveliest at the same time.

Camera Works – David Ayer sure know how to take beautiful shots. I’m a little bit partial to the movie’s cinematography but the shots were great.

Plot – I’m not a big fan of the “questionable” plot with no real motivation from most of its characters but I took it as it is. It’s plain and simple. No complications and not hard to understand.

Viola Davis – you will hate her but you will love her at the same time that you might find yourself rooting for her over the “bad guys” and then you’ll hate her again. That’s how good she is.



Execution – this could’ve been executed better. Yes, David Ayer took beautiful shots but his direction is not cohesive. Flashback scenes are needed but they tend to be anti-climactic. There are also scenes that for me are a little bit unfocused to what should be really going on. There are also several scenes that I find a little bit cartoon-ish.

Central Character – I believe that Deadshot should really be the lead but Will Smith’s portrayal is a little bit out there. His characterization is kind of corny. I can say easily that Harley Quinn stole every scene she’s in.

Cara Delevingne – I love her as a top model but she’s still too “young” to be a full-pledge actress. Blank eyes and unbelievable emotions made me cringe a bit. But she’s getting there, I hope.

Jared Leto – yes, he’s not Heath Ledger but I can’t help comparing them together. Both are Oscar winners but unfortunately, Jared can’t pull off Joker (yet). I believe that he’s a method actor but it didn’t work in this movie. I can still see Jared Leto acting unlike Heath who lost into the character itself. For me, that’s the difference – one is acting as Joker while the other IS Joker.


Over All Impression:

Well, I have to say that apart from the poor execution and direction of the movie and contrary to some (or most) of the critics Suicide Squad is good. Good thing they did re-shoots to bring in more humor in the film after BvS was heavily criticized for being boringly serious and laughable in a bad way. DC made the right move to “copy” Marvel movies though they might have overdone the humor in some parts.

Suicide Squad is a psychedelic mixture of quirky (though some are forgettable) characters that surprisingly worked well for the total cinematic experience. It’s a good introduction to a franchise with great potential. I would surely love to see a Suicide Squad vs Justice League movie in the future.


Six tiaras out of ten.

















Movie Review: Lights Out

When I saw the trailer of this movie, I thought that it plagiarized the 3 minute horror film I saw in Youtube. I didn’t research much on the film before watching it so as not to spoil my pleasure in watching a horror movie but also for me not to be influenced by the reviews.



After being hunted by a violent entity, a young boy went to his sister not just for safety but to ask help to save their mother who has a mental illness and is being fed off by the same entity that claimed the life of the boy’s father and will stop at nothing to eliminate all of those who come between it and its “friend”.



Scares – it definitely did not bank on jump scares and loud musical scores but on the suspense and the feeling of dread of what’s about to happen.

Plot – it’s simple, linear and no complicated twists but the storytelling was made not to divert the audience’s attention from what’s going on the screen.

Direction – David F. Sandberg is another horror movie director to watch out for. His 3 minute horror movie which is the inspiration for this film got me scared real good and this full length made me shout in the movie house several times.



Loopholes – I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll just leave the description for this blank except for this thought: If you were the ghost, what would you do?


Over All Impression:

Another hit for me being a huge horror movie fan. It was, for me, inventive and something I haven’t seen yet. No gore, no jump scares, no loud noises – the scares are all in its storytelling. This is one of the movies that actually made me feel scared even after leaving the cinema house. I kept on thinking about it. It made me scared of the dark. And yep, I slept with the lights on that night. Swear. Probably better than Conjuring 2.


Eight tiaras out of ten.























Movie Review: Jason Bourne

I have been a fan of this franchise though I haven’t read the book series and I’m not planning to since it’s too “manly” for me. LoL But I love the movie adaptations (except for the Jeremy Renner starrer), so as soon as it’s showing here in the Philippines, I watched it on the its first weekend.



Jason Bourne, after living away from the CIA was brought back into the turmoil. Targeted by an equally skillful assassin while trying to find out his past and unraveling its secrets.



Hmmm… can’t think of anything that stood out. Everything for me was mediocre except for the below items that for me were below average.



Fight Scenes – it’s not as satisfying as the previous fight scenes in the franchise. They still show Bourne’s resourcefulness in using common, somewhat harmless items as deadly weapons (eg. pen, magazine, etc) but it doesn’t have that same effect anymore.

Camera Works – it’s really shaky. Sometimes a shaky camera adds to the tension of the scenes but it’s excessive use in this film is too much and actually dizzying.

Plot – I was expecting that it’ll be more conflict-ridden, has at least one major twist but I was disappointed. It was pretty much linear with lots of “walking around”.

Cinematography – lots of scenes that involved huge crowds but are not necessary to the plot at all. It didn’t use much of the locations’ scenery as well.

Characterization – Bourne’s character should have evolved by now after what he’s been through but it’s still one dimensional.

Acting – the movie have a lot of good actors but there’s no showcase of talents. I was expecting more from Matt Damon and Tommy Lee Jones but I was again disappointed. Probably the commendable actors here are just Alicia Vikander and Vincent Cassel.


Over All Impression:

It could’ve been a great film since its premise is about Bourne knowing his past but it fell short on its story telling. Paul Greengrass may have lost motivation already because based from the past Bourne movies, this latest installment is a disappointment for me.


Four tiaras out of ten.