Movie Review: Jason Bourne

I have been a fan of this franchise though I haven’t read the book series and I’m not planning to since it’s too “manly” for me. LoL But I love the movie adaptations (except for the Jeremy Renner starrer), so as soon as it’s showing here in the Philippines, I watched it on the its first weekend.



Jason Bourne, after living away from the CIA was brought back into the turmoil. Targeted by an equally skillful assassin while trying to find out his past and unraveling its secrets.



Hmmm… can’t think of anything that stood out. Everything for me was mediocre except for the below items that for me were below average.



Fight Scenes – it’s not as satisfying as the previous fight scenes in the franchise. They still show Bourne’s resourcefulness in using common, somewhat harmless items as deadly weapons (eg. pen, magazine, etc) but it doesn’t have that same effect anymore.

Camera Works – it’s really shaky. Sometimes a shaky camera adds to the tension of the scenes but it’s excessive use in this film is too much and actually dizzying.

Plot – I was expecting that it’ll be more conflict-ridden, has at least one major twist but I was disappointed. It was pretty much linear with lots of “walking around”.

Cinematography – lots of scenes that involved huge crowds but are not necessary to the plot at all. It didn’t use much of the locations’ scenery as well.

Characterization – Bourne’s character should have evolved by now after what he’s been through but it’s still one dimensional.

Acting – the movie have a lot of good actors but there’s no showcase of talents. I was expecting more from Matt Damon and Tommy Lee Jones but I was again disappointed. Probably the commendable actors here are just Alicia Vikander and Vincent Cassel.


Over All Impression:

It could’ve been a great film since its premise is about Bourne knowing his past but it fell short on its story telling. Paul Greengrass may have lost motivation already because based from the past Bourne movies, this latest installment is a disappointment for me.


Four tiaras out of ten.























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