Movie Review: Don’t Breathe

This is one of my most anticipated horror movies of the year. I saw this trailer during my lunch break and it got me really scared that I screamed. Rainy days are lazy days for me but I still chose to watch this as soon as I found out that it’s already showing.

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A group of cat burglars decided to steal from a blind ex-war veteran who got a huge amount of money in his decrepit house. Unknown to them, the blind, old man is more dangerous and deadly than all three of them combined.



Plot – it’s refreshing to see this kind of horror/thriller film without your usual ghosts, demons, zombies or other worldly entities. The story is very linear and simple and can happen in real life which made it scarier, not to mention the antagonist which is a person.

Characters – I actually found myself rooting for the blind man more than the main characters until the climax of the film. That’s what I love about this movie, you will understand where the characters come from and will root for either the protagonist or the antagonist.

Execution – it’s nice to know that Sam Raimi didn’t use gore (see Evil Dead) to elicit scares in this film. It’s very simple yet very effective in keeping the audience at the edge of their seat.

Stephen Lang – as the blind man, he delivered just the right amount of emotions for you to feel his pain and be scared of him at the same time.

Subplot (or the twist) – for me, I find it a little bit out of place. I thought that it’s not really needed on the film because the main plot itself is scary enough but I guess, the writer/s needed that twist for us to root for (and then hate) the blind man.

Over All impression:

I was NOT disappointed at all! I knew that this is a good film not just because it had a good trailer. It’s a new kind of horror for me. Something that can happen in real life and with that thought, you will also think, as you watch, on what you’ll probably do when you’re the character. One thing I like about this film also is that there’s no booboo scenes. For me, the characters made all the right choices based on common sense. You know, when you’re watching a horror film and you’re telling the character not to go down the basement kind of thing? Yep, I didn’t see it here.


7 tiaras out of ten.



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  1. CineMuseFilms · September 8, 2016

    Top review thanks. I’m not a fan of horrors but his one nails it for escalating tension and sustained terror. Check out my take on it.

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